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We talked to four Swiss women who have made a career in winemaking, each in a different canton.Françoise Berguer was the first woman admitted to the Lausanne School of Viticulture, in 1954.To be frank, Zurich has been divided into two parts which cover both Uetliberg and the Zürichberg.Zurich is considered to be the capital of a Swiss canton dating back to 1351 when it merged with Confederation of Switzerland.However, so far as the geographical location is concerned, Zurich is situated close to northern part of Lake Zurich which lies in the center of this European country.In Zurich, the marvelous blend of natural charisma of beautiful mountain range, the cool rivulet and the Olympian aloofness of vast blue canopy extending over the city have produced a strong and effective synergistic gloss on tourists who feel proud of watching the frivolity of forceful Limmat River and the beauty of Uetliberg and the Zürichberg.Zurich is one of the enriched and fully upgraded cities in Switzerland.

Their wines are as reputed as those of their male counterparts and many have won awards.

“They didn’t want to accept me at first,” recalls this pioneering woman, who still runs her estate ‘Les Gondettes’ in Satigny (Geneva).

“My father was very insistent, and they eventually let me in.” Even thirty years ago, winegrowing was still very much a man’s world.

Much of the remaining castle and walls were constructed or redecorated by the Earls and Marquises of Bute between 1778 and the 1890s in a fantasy gothic style.

A Beaux-Arts design by the architects Arnold Dunbar Smith and Cecil Brewer.