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Now I am in and out of my doctor’s office every week for testing and trying out new medications.

It has been a very stressful period of time for me and I barely had the opportunity to keep up with anything let alone Nerdophiles stuff.

(Which is why you may have noticed our number of posts in June was particularly low.) But I wanted to get this up because I really enjoyed Phoenix Comicon.

This was the second of three comic conventions that I have attended this year (the first was Wondercon in Anaheim and the third was San Diego Comic Con) and it offered a very different experience from those other conventions.

It turns out that a computer glitch forced the spaceship to jump back in time to the Cretaceous Period where Allison Blake is mostly eaten by a mentally challenged Astrodon who mistakes her for a delicious fern.

The rest of the Astraeus mission is pulled forward in time to safety through a wormhole created by Wil Wheaton’s Dr. Carter is distressed about Allison’s death for an inappropriately short amount of time — up until the last ten minutes of season five’s first episode where gets schwasted on rum-spiked Vinspressos at Café Diem.

In order to punish Carter, Holly, and indeed the whole of Global Dynamics, he reprograms a fleet of nanoids, setting them to “kill mode.” Unfortunately for Fargo, while the evil nano-robots devour Zane, Deputy Andy, and a few other redshirts, Carter and Holly remain unscathed.

The only on-camera TV role she had last year was in TNT’s Felicia isn’t married and she hasn’t mentioned any particular boyfriend, so we’re not sure yet who her baby’s daddy is.

“The best thing about it is Fargo [Neil Grayston] and Zane [Niall Matter].

It was cool to see two such talented actors discover their [onscreen] chemistry with each other, and for the first time those who are watching are going to think, ‘Wow, those guys are terrific together'.

Now more than two and a half months since the event, this post is way over due.

Especially since the folks at Phoenix Comicon were nice enough to confirm me for a press pass and attend the event for free.