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The Canon G7 X is about 5 percent heavier than the Sony, which really isn't going to make that much of a difference to anyone other than the most ardent travel-light photographer.

The weights given are with battery and a memory card.

• You may not be able to rotate images shot with other cameras. Table of contents 1 Set the camera to shooting mode. On Off Notes • To avoid blurring of images, hold the camera firmly until the shutter is released.

• When viewing images on a computer, the image rotation information may not be reflected depending on the software. It usually takes a second ..red, correct the image with [Retouch] t [Red Eye Correction] on the viewing menu or with the supplied software "PMB". MENU/Settings Search Cannot ..., you can print images with the date superimposed if the printer or the software can recognize Exif information.

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reboot to recovery wipe dalvick cache & Install Original Semc Camera3D via CWM - If you want Modified 3D Camera open the Camera 3D and try to take pictures, reboot into Recovery, install Cyber-shot™ v.6.7.1 Don't wipe anything and reboot …

see Cyber-shot™ 3D Panorama Installed - If still not working on your ROM, open Semc Camera3v.6.7.1 & Original using winrar or 7zip on your PC, drag & drop Folder META-INF & Android ORIGINAL to v.6.7.1 Q : After Installing Cyber-shot™ Album App And Movie Force Close, How to fix? Reboot & Reinstall again Q : I don’t see any different picture quality or HDR Effect of this mod, how i can to see the difference in picture quality? and did you try to take a picture on different areas, or different specific light conditions, you will have different picture quality of this mod compared to stock camera, This HDR Effect working fine in certain light conditions but sometimes picture will be over Brightness and saturation Q : Cyber-shot™ work on Xperia Neo L with Stock ROM ICS?

A : Cyber-shot™ does not Support for CM9/CM10/AOKP/JB But For MIUI Maybe Work - New libs camera driver thanks to jader13254 - Improved video recording HD 14mbit/s thanks to hansip87 - Improved quality sound - Improved compression - Improved image quality - Faster picture taking - Modded media_- Modded Sem Ccamera from hansip87 - Added 5mp Options Version 2.0 "Camera Mod Super Fast, Smooth HD Recording & HQ Audio" Changelog : - New Some Libs From Xperia GX - Imroved Quality Image - Super Fast Capture & Smoth HD Recording - Improved Audio HD Recording - Remoded media_- Bugs fixes Version 3.0 "Camera Mod Super Fast, Smooth HD Recording & HQ Audio Stereo Video Recording" Changelog : - New Camera Extension From Xperia T - New Some Libs From Xperia T - Imroved Quality Image - Remoded media_- 2 Version Video Recording 14mbps & 10mbps - Bugs fixes Version 4.0 Camera Mod Super Fast Capture, Smooth HD Recording & HQ Audio Stereo Video Recording Changelog : - Remodded Semc Camera - All the bitmaps changed to ARGB_8888 from RGB_562 for better image quality.this is my projects hours of hard work, so please respect my decision - Faster taking picture with optimizing quality of images with HDR effects in Mode Superior Auto , so you will have the picture more colorfull, This HDR just Effect so different with Xperia V with have setting HDR & HDR Mode, but this Camera Mod Cyber-shot™ doesn't have Setting HDR & HDR Mode - Increase HD Video quality and reduces lag on HD Video, so that the HD Video Recording becomes smooth with clear picture quality and high quality audio Q : New Cyber-shot™ v.6.7.1 does not work, How to fix?A : - You try to install Cyber-shot™ v.5.0 first, and reboot to homescreen, open the camera and try to take pictures, reboot into Recovery, install Cyber-shot™ v.6.7.1 and reboot …- Tried to enable in Prefer Quality Over Speed and in Dither to the bitmap - New some libs - Only 14mbit HD Video recording Version 4.1 Camera Mod Super Fast Capture, Smooth HD Recording & HQ Stereo Audio Video Recording Changelog : - Remodded Semc Camera UI - Very Smooth For HD Video Recording with 14mbit - Added 3MP 4:3 options, 3MP16:9 Does Not Support - New Some libs for Video Recording - Format HD Video Recording changed to MPEG4 from H264 for better performance smooth - Improved Image Quality Version 4.2 Camera Mod Super Fast Capture, Smooth HD Recording & HQ Stereo Audio Video Recording Changelog : - Changed Default Photo Quality & Set JPEGQuality for More Detail Image - Improved HD Video Audio to 256kbps From 128kbps - Fixed All the bitmap to ARGB8888 from RGB565 - Reduce Noise 5% - Fixed Label 3MP 4:3 on All Language Version Camera Mod 4.3 What's New : - New Label/Name Cybershot - Changed Image & Video Quality to High - Bugs Fixes Version Camera Mod 4.4 Cybershot Experience What's New : - Fixed Label/Name Cybershot On All Langunge - Fixed Image Quality to High - Fixed HDR on All Mode in Auto Scene - Added Parameter Auto HDR on Semc Camera UI - New Auto HDR_Rizal Lovins-res-overlay compiled from com.sonyericsson.android.overlay - Small Improved Quality 3D Panorama - Changed RGB_565 to ARGB_8888 in 3D Panorama - Renamed Cybershot to Cyber-shot™ - Renamed 3D Camera to Cyber-shot™ 3D Panorama - New Camera Common - Fixed Version detail Cyber-shot™ from 1.0.0 to 6.7.1 & Cyber-shot™ 3D Panorama to 6.7.0 - Optimazing Led Flash For All - Optimazing Torch/Flash For Xperia Ray - Optimazing Video - New Wfd Service with Driver - New Camera Driver from SONY & Camera Driver Qualcomm - Fixed Camera Extension - More stable Cyber-shot™ Application - More Colorfull Photo in certain conditions - Bitrate HD Video Recording For All MDPI Device Changed to 14mbit - Zip Aligned for better performance Cyber-shot™ Application ### On Cyber-shot™ 6.7.2 Just bug fix for some user does not work - Fixed 3D Panorama Not Working - Fixed Cyber-shot™ Not Working - But Version Detail Back to 1.0.0 - Relpaced Scene Recognition with Superior Auto - Relpaced Parameter Auto Scene with Superior Auto - Faster Scene - New Driver - Accuracy of color images - Video Recording back to H264 - Fixed 3D Panorama with little improvement - More faster Saving Picture ( Required SD Card class 10 ) - Bug fix Download Cybershot 7.1.2 For Xperia 2011 HDPI (Arc/S, Neo/V, Xperia Pro, Ray) - New Semc Camera UI from Xperia J Build Number Camera 2.We have a direct link to download Sony DSC-W310 drivers, firmware and other resources directly from the Sony site.GB have been confirmed to operate properly with the camera. Settings MENU/Settings Search Setting items 12 TV Viewing images on a TV 71 Index Computer Using with your computer 73 Using the software 74 Connecting the camera to a computer 76 Uploading images to a media service 78 Printing Printing still images 80 Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 82 Warning messages 90 6GB Cyber-shot® Handbook - Page 51 Rotate Rotates a still image.