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Who is angelababy dating

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The Chinese Paladin star from yonder days has done well given that her dramas from My Sunshine to Diamond Lover have been highly talked about and this year is especially spectacular as she rides high from the ratings champion that is Princess Weiyoung and was chosen to become the 2016 Golden Eagle Goddess.The birthday girl responds, "(Fated) So it's you." And that is how you make it official, through a public display of affection and a photoshopped image of the two when they were young. Interestingly enough, their first public appearance coincided with the last episode of Princess Weiyoung, which ended its run last Dec. With all the good things happening in her life, Tiffany Tang is doing some good of her own in collaboration with Free Lunch for Children, a non-profit organization that is selling calendars featuring her as the 2017 calendar girl. im a big CL fan but CL is a no, they are too much alike that they are more like identical twins than a couple.

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well wat the hell do i know im just speculating here but if he was to have a secret gf it would most likely be kiko.

So I went to Nie Huan's baidu page (ie Chinese version of wikipedia) and she is listed as.. On to juicier stuff, paparazzi photos of Sandra Ma (Oh My General) and Oho Ou (Legend of the Cat Demon) were trending recently.

Either way, congrats to the happy couple, five years is a milestone.

She sung a duet with JJ Lin titled "Bottom of the Heart" as part of the movie's soundtrack.

In 2012, Angelababy starred in alongside Mark Chao in First Time, a remake of the 2003 Korean film ..